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Auto Repair in Dornsife, PA

Skyline Automotive is an automobile service and repair center located in Dornsife, PA. We offer affordable prices for prevalent services such as oil changes, wheel alignments, tune-ups, exhaust work, and general repairs. We have been offering car repair services in the Dornsife, PA area for years. We are family-owned and operated and present general repairs on most makes and models of vehicles, specializing in all kinds of auto repairs and engine repairs.

Skyline Automotive is a solid service automotive repair facility – providing repairs and maintenance on all vehicles, cars, trucks, SUVs, imports, and diesels. We are dedicated to individual assistance and status repairs done in a prompt way.

At our Dornsife, PA-based shop, we believe that a well-maintained vehicle is more dependable, has a longer existence, and brings a better return on the cash invested in it.

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